FOCUS Pocket Guide iPhone/iPad App

Price: $ 28.99
      *+ (taxes if applicable)

Apple Store pricing and taxation terms and conditions will apply


The FOCUS Pocket Guide App for both iPhone and iPad.

 Essential reference tool for focused bedside echocardiography

  • Cutting edge, highly graphical, multifunctional tool
  • Clearly organized, clinically oriented content
  • Depicts the FOCUS echocardiographic views with 3-D animations
  • Features dozens of videos, high resolution animations, a cardiac output calculator, sections on assessment of ventricular function, pericardial fluid, fluid status and much more
  • Addressed to medical students, residents, attendings, nurse practitioners
  • Multilingual application (English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Russian)

The FOCUS Pocket Guide App is an exciting new addition to the clinician’s reference arsenal!

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