On-Line Bedside Ultrasound Curriculum


This unique, cutting edge, interactive multimedia curriculum from CAE ICCU proposes e-learning tutorials covering all important aspects of focused bedside ultrasound and is composed of hundreds of high quality 3-D animations, clips and graphics. Put together by front-line intensivists and experts in the field of critical care ultrasonography, it provides participants with cognitive skills and knowledge covering all key principles, image interpretation, image acquisition and clinical applications.

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  • Learn how to perform focused echocardiography and general ultrasonography as per the latest scientific statements of major professional critical care societies.
  • Acquire the cognitive skills and knowledge about key aspects of focused clinical ultrasound : general principles, anatomy, orientation, image interpretation, clinical applications, and scanning technique.
  • Develop expertise in decision making on clinical management, based on image interpretation in clinical scenarios.
  • Manage your own training schedule - the modular training material allows participants to go through the course content at their own pace, in an organized way.
  • Validate your knowledge - each module offers a pre-test and post-test as well as a global test incorporated at the end of each course as a tool to guide your progress. Questions are clinically oriented to test the multiple dimensions of critical care ultrasound.
  • Obtain CME credits after having completed each course.

Interactive Learning Management System

Curriculum content organized in a multimedia, interactive Learning Management System (LMS) built in a way to optimize a structured, systematic learning.

A high quality multimedia environment is perfectly suited to help students, residents, attendings, and other health care providers learn about the various dimensions of focused ultrasound. Interactivity is also key in engaging the participants and optimizing learning by a variety of multimedia tests. A modular approach is also an essential component of an ultrasound curriculum to allow the participants to go through the course content at their own pace, in a step-by-step approach, for only short periods at a time if desired. Providing the answers to the test results is also key in the learning process.

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Turn Key Solution for Instant Implementation in your Academic or Private Practice Setting

Turn key solution for instant implementation in your academic or private practice setting Institutional licenses with multi-user subscription

Institutional licenses with multi-user subscriptions are available to allow your students, residents, and attendings have access to this high quality multimedia curriculum.

Institutional Supervisor Administrative Features

  • On-line "Assessment modules" dedicated for the program director, department chief or local hospital supervisor to follow results and progress of the participants over time with multiple ways of interrogating the database: by questions, by student, by course,...
  • Allows documentation of student's performance providing an accurate and immediate way to personalize and adapt their subsequent bedside training with the actual performance of the student.


  • Allows your institution to develop its own local expertise.
  • Favors longitudinal learning that can be tailored to the needs of the institution.
  • Allows local trainers to focus on practical, bedside training rather than spending time preparing and providing lectures.
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Pertinent for Adult and Pediatric Practioners at Both Beginner and Advanced levels

This Curriculum is Addressed to:

  • Health care providers working in various types of acute care environments (ICU, ED, cardiology, trauma, OR, amongst others) as well as those providers working in non-acute care settings but using focused bedside cardiac and non-cardiac ultrasound evaluation as an invaluable clinical tool (medical or surgical units, outpatient setting, remote areas)
  • Pertinent for adult and pediatric practitioners at both beginner and advanced levels
  • Invaluable for members working on Rapid Response Teams and Code Teams
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