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Online BEDSIDE Ultrasound Curriculum

curriculum on the use of bedside ultrasound in critical care

This unique, cutting edge, interactive multimedia curriculum from CAE ICCU proposes e-learning tutorials covering all important aspects of bedside ultrasound and is composed of hundreds of high quality 3-D animations, clips and graphics. Put together by front-line intensivists and experts in the field of critical care ultrasonography, it provides participants with cognitive skills and knowledge covering all key principles, image interpretation, image acquisition and clinical applications.

Curriculum Content

The multimedia curriculum covers various key aspects of bedside ultrasound and is the optimal tool to help to learn this exciting discipline. It goes over Focused cardiac ultrasound and general ultrasound as well as ultrasound-guided access.

Official Endorsements and CME Information

The CAE ICCU e-Learning multimedia curriculum is endorsed by the Université de Montréal, the Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS), the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), the Critical Care Education Network (CRI) and the American Society of Echocardiography.

Academic Panel

Academic panel

Scientific collaborators from all over the world and from multiple disciplines (ICU, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Pulmonology, Medicine, Cardiology), all experts in the field of critical care ultrasound, have contributed to the high quality content of the ICCU e-Learning curriculum...

VIMEDIX Ultrasound Simulator

curriculum on the use of bedside ultrasound in critical care

Far beyond traditional users, namely cardiologists (echocardiography) and radiologists (ultrasonography), many specialties of adult and paediatric medicine, as well as sonographers, will benefit from the implementation of CAE Vimedix ultrasound imaging simulators in academic as well as non-academic hospitals, universities, medical schools, community colleges, skills labs...

Blue Phantom Ultrasound Training Models

curriculum on the use of bedside ultrasound in critical care

Blue Phantom is the leader in ultrasound training models for more than 20 medical specialties, including Ob/Gyn, emergency medicine, anesthesia and critical care. Blue Phantom’s high-quality models allow users to practice diagnostic imaging and ultrasound-guided procedures without risk to real patients. They are durably designed for repeated practice with real ultrasound systems.

Endorsed by:

Critical Care Education Network Université de Montréal American College of Chest Physicians

Free Trial & Demo

Watch brief video demos of our various E‑Learning curricula to discover their stunning multimedia content.
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Focused Cardiac Transthoracic Echo

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Focused Transesophageal Echocardiography

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Assessment of Central & Peripheral Vessels

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Assessment of Pleural Space & Lung

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Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Vascular Access


Learn how to perform focused transthoracic echo and general ultrasonography as per the latest scientific statements of major professional critical care societies.

Acquire the cognitive skills and knowledge about key aspects of focused clinical ultrasound : general principles, anatomy, orientation, image interpretation, clinical applications, and scanning technique.

Develop your expertise in decision making on clinical management, based on image interpretation in clinical scenarios.

Manage your own training schedule, the modular training material allows the participants to go through the course content at their own pace, in an organized way.

Validate your knowledge, each module offers a pre-test and post-test as well as a global test incorporated at the end of each course as a tool to guide your progress. Questions are clinically oriented to test the multiple dimensions of critical care ultrasound.

Obtain CME credits after having completed each course.

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