Central & Peripheral Vessels / Courses

The curriculum on Assessment of Central and Peripheral Vessels covers in detail the principles and applications of the vascular exam as performed in the acute and non-acute care settings. The 5.5 hours of content of the curriculum is divided in 3 courses and 26 modules. The courses allow for the participant to learn in a systematic, organized way the elements of the Focused Vascular Exam that are required in order to achieve competence in the Assessment of Central and Peripheral Vessels. The learner will review the literature pertinent to Ultrasound Vascular Access, see demonstrations on how to perform an ultrasonographic examination of the main vessels, including: internal jugular, subclavian, femoral and peripheral veins, learn how to recognize anatomical variants such as: thrombus, artefacts and other anomalies of the vascular system, learn how to perform lower extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) screening and learn how to perform ultrasound-guided line placement.


Course 1

Introduction, Review of the literature, Ultrasonographic examination of the main vessels:

Internal jugular, Subclavian, Femoral, Peripheral veins

  • Modules : 12
  • Completed : -
  • 02:45:48

Course 2

Anatomical variants, thrombus and other anomalies of the vascular system

  • Modules : 7
  • Completed : -
  • 01:12:42

Course 3

Ultrasound guided line placement

  • Modules : 8
  • Completed : -
  • 01:31:14



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