Atlas of Cases
This section allows you to review clips and images in the different categories and subcategories. The "Overlay" function tool allows you to turn on/off legends and superimposed images on the clips being viewed. The "Overlay" function also highlights relevant features, any abnormalities of the media, and outlines the description of findings for all the clips and images.

The goal of this section is to enhance your interpretation skills.

If you wish to become a contributor and submit your own case, simply click on "become a contributor."
Journal Club
This section allows you to upload articles, abstracts and posters related to bedside ultrasound. Original work, reviews of published, or unpublished articles may be submitted. A summary of an article, abstract and poster can also be posted, and may include images, graphics, tables and videos.

If an article is available for free on the internet, a link can be posted to allow viewers to download these free resources directly.

The goal of the Journal Club is to provide you with an up-to-date review of all current and past literature on bedside ultrasound. You will be able to easily navigate and read pertinent articles. The Journal Club content is classified by categories, for example: Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic.

If you wish to become a contributor and submit your own case, simply click on "become a contributor."
No contents exists with this type and category!

The Learning Center Benefits

  • 1. Keep your skills in image interpretation up-to date
  • 2. Share your cases with a worlwide ultrasound community
  • 3. Sharpen your skills in interpretation of left ventricular function
  • 4. Access the latest reviews of the ultrasound literature
  • 5. Review clinical cases and test yourself as you go through them
  • 6. Navigate through our atlas of cases
  • 7. Become a contributor by submitting clips, articles, comments,…



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