Please note that this will result in resetting of the order of cases.
Assessment of Cardiac Function
This section allows you to practice the assessment of global and regional left ventricular systolic function. A series of cases are offered which review the following Focused Cardiac Ultrasound views: parasternal long-axis, parasternal short-axis, apical four chamber, and subcostal four chamber. After reviewing the different views, you are then asked to provide an estimate of the ventricular function by giving three answers: subjective assessment of function, ejection fraction and the presence of regional abnormalities. When you submit your answers, you will be provided with the correct ones, including highlights of the regional wall motion abnormalities, if present.

The goal of this section is for you to practice the assessment of the left ventricular function, and to enhance your interpretation skills. Once you have completed all the cases, you will have the option to shuffle and re-take them.

The Learning Center Benefits

  • 1. Keep your skills in image interpretation up-to date
  • 2. Share your cases with a worlwide ultrasound community
  • 3. Sharpen your skills in interpretation of left ventricular function
  • 4. Access the latest reviews of the ultrasound literature
  • 5. Review clinical cases and test yourself as you go through them
  • 6. Navigate through our atlas of cases
  • 7. Become a contributor by submitting clips, articles, comments,…



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