Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do a free trial of the e-learning curricula?
2. How can I test if my computer and the speed of my internet connection are adequate to allow optimal performance of the application?
3. For how long will I have access to the curriculum after I will have bought my license?
4. Can I share my access (license) with somebody else?
5. Can I downgrade to a less complete license during the term of the agreement?
6. After purchasing the license, will I be able to get a refund or to transfer my license to somebody else?
7. Am I authorized to use, copy, or reproduce material, graphics, or any other concepts coming from the ICCU e-Learning web curriculum?
8. I would like to buy an institutional license for twelve participants for my group but right now only nine of the fellows are doing their rotation and the three other fellows will only start in six months. Could I attribute nine of the licenses now and then attribute the three other licenses in six months when the new fellows will start their rotation?
9. I have a technical problem with the application, how can I reach technical support?
10. I have a question concerning license subscription, renewal, access, seminars, or other customer service related issues. How can I reach customer service?
11. We would like to get an institutional license, how can we receive information and purchase the license?
12. Will I get CME credits after having completed the various courses?
13. Are the costs of the CME credits included in the subscription fee?
14. Is it possible to get an "on-site" hands-on seminar on Bedside Ultrasound organized in my own medical center to review or practice the content of the course with live teaching?
15. Are the courses endorsed by an official society?
16. Is there a discount price for medical students or residents?
17. After having successfully completed the course(s), will I be "credentialed" in critical care ultrasound?



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