Stéphane Rhein
  • Emergency Physician, Hôpital Charles-Lemoyne
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medecine
  • Sherbrooke University, Quebec, Canada


After obtaining a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from OB University (OK, USA), Dr.Stephan Rhein, completed medical school and trained in general medicine at Sherbrooke University (Qc, CANADA). He subsequently obtained the emergency medicine certification from the Canadian College of Family Physicians from McGill University (Qc, CANADA). Since, Dr.Rhein has been practicing emergency medicine in an academic center on the south shore of Montreal where he works as an assistant professor coordinating teaching and supervision of residents. He is also a master instructor for the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society (CEUS). In 2010, his combined interest in ultrasound and in teaching led him to develop an ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous access program for acute care nurses, which is how he began to collaborate with CAE ICCU.




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