Stephen J.Huang
  • Principal Clinical Physiologist
  • Critical Care Echocardiography Lecturer/Instructor
  • Critical Care Dept, University of Sydney Medical School

Sydney, Australia


Dr. Huang obtained his MSc from the University of Manchester, UK and completed his PhD at the University of Hong Kong Medical School. He migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1995 and passed his Certification examination in Respiratory Physiology and Medicine in 1997. He is also an Accredited Medical Sonographer (Cardiac) in Australia. He has completed his law degree and legal training (Australian National University) recently, and is now also a lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW, Australia.

He is a member of the Certification Board of CCPU (Certificate of Clinicians Performed Ultrasound) and Examination Board of the DDU (Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound) of the Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine.




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